Business is my canvas for innovation and growth.

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Hi! I’m Justin Saul, a leader in innovation and growth.
“Justin possesses the perfect mix of business acumen and technical chops to get things done.”

Attributes of success.

Visionary Leadership

Justin possesses an innate ability to envision groundbreaking solutions and technologies that address pressing industry challenges. His visionary leadership drives innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and paving the way for transformative advancements.
Building features that actually make a difference
Transforms intellectual property into valuable solutions
Knack for identifying market trends and opportunities

Passion for Innovation

Justin's genuine passion for innovation fuels his desire to continuously push the envelope and challenge conventional norms. His enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring teams and collaborators to embrace creative thinking and explore new frontiers.
Decades of innovative solutions deployed
Honest, open communication
Multiple patents issued

Interdisciplinary Expertise

With a multifaceted background spanning technology, business, and entrepreneurship, Justin bridges the gap between technical intricacies and business strategy. This unique blend of expertise empowers him to navigate complex challenges from various angles.
BS, Computer Science and Software Engineering
Masters, Business Administration
Always learning new disciplines

Proven Track Record

Justin's history of successfully co-founding and leading ventures, such as NNOXX Inc., demonstrates his ability to transform ideas into tangible achievements. His track record of driving growth, generating returns for investors, and propelling companies to the forefront of their industries speaks volumes
Try new things
Even if that means failing a bit
Get to execution faster

Resilience and Adaptability

Justin's resilience in the face of challenges and ability to adapt to evolving landscapes are standout qualities. His willingness to learn, pivot, and persevere ensures that he stays ahead of industry shifts and remains effective in dynamic environments.
Being an active listener
Constantly learning
Adapting to all social groups and situations

Inspiring Leadership

Justin's passion for growth and technology, coupled with his consistent encouragement, inspires teams to excel and innovate.

Value Creation

Driving innovation and growth highlights Justin's commitment to creating value for all. His ability to identify opportunities, build teams, and navigate evolving industries positions him as a catalyst for future value creation.


Imagine the possibilities of achieving.
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